8 Best Makeup Brands for Women in India

Skin is considered to be a very sensitive and the biggest organ of the body, be it your facial skin or somewhere else. Facial skin is more sensitive than any other part of the body. It is more vulnerable to skin reaction and rashes as it remain open every time. In order to take care of your skin and to conceal such imperfections on your face, you may want to rely on makeup products. But it is truly very important to choose the best type of product and prefer the right brand to ensure that it will not cause irritation on your sensitive skin.

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We have done a research and found some of the topmost and hottest favorite makeup brands in India for women. If you haven’t tried anything yet, here are few of the most beloved makeup brands to get a great start.



A Unilever brand, Lakme is supposed to be the most reliable and trusted over generations. It is one of the first makeup brands that have launched variety of facial and skin products for Indian women. It still keeps on innovating with new offerings that are being launched year after year. The Lakme Absolute Range is the latest launch which is offering baked chromatic eye shadows to Lakme Eye Conic and Absolute Lip Care range. Lakme is well known for providing delightful range of skincare products. Starting from moisturizers to face washes and sunscreens, all the products from Lakme have been adopted widely for regular skincare routines by several women.

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Eventually making its presence in Indian market, Amway is the leading brand offered a huge range of makeup, skincare and healthcare products. Amway has launched the exclusive skincare range for women, known as Attitude that is promoted widely on TV ads nowadays. .Artistry is another breakthrough in Amway range of products. It provides color cosmetic products.


This brand is most popular in India for direct marketing and it has been emerged in the country. Along with providing part time income and employment opportunities for many women, it has also made its way to the introduction of wide range of skincare products and cosmetics that are available easily through the direct selling agents coming at your doorsteps.  We also had to try our hands on some of the branded and international perfume range like Surreal Garden Eau De Toilette, and Little Black Dress. The anti-marks, instant fairness cream from Avon and various other products under its Skin Natural’s Range are the hottest favorite for housewives. Teens also loved its products along with its beautiful range of nail colors.

Elle 18

This brand has always been specific for the young women. This vivid brand has always brought something amazing and innovative according to the style and likes of young college and school going girls. Recently, it has introduced Color bomb products offering widest range of lip colors. They are available with unique range of moisturizing cocoa butter stick and they are affordable too.



Along with cosmetics for skin and facial skin, this glam brand is also offering hair care products. It is marketed across the world and endorsed by some of the most popular faces across the world. It is endorsed by A-listers in India like Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Sonam Kapoor.

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The brand, Maybelline New York, has a track record in launching the range that instantly becomes a mega hit. They are offering awesome products. You can get almost everything, from extreme water shine or diamond shine lipsticks to their amazing collection of eye tattoos that have been launched just recently. Their volume express mascara and colossal Kajal have made a great wave in the market.


It is one of the leading international brands which have truly set its foot in the country. It is offering widest range of nail paints that are enjoying significant demand from makeup lovers. The lip colors and liners are yet another favorite of Indian women of all age groups in the country and overseas.

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Color Bar

It is the first choice for all the startup makeup artists as it is offering the widest range of long-staying and coverage foundations and lip colors. It is the best choice for women of all age group who want long-lasting skin foundation and who love mixing their foundations to get the desired color tone.

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