Best 3 Star Air Conditioners in India with Price

Since the summer is approaching, it’s time to bring an air conditioner to home. At that time, the heat is at its peak which is very hard to bear. Air conditioners are offered at different range. Some are very costly and some are affordable, as per energy ratings and features.

LG LSA3NP3A 3 Star 1 Ton Split AC (Rs. 21490)

LG LSA3NP3A 3 Star 1 Ton Split ACIt features auto-cool option and it also consists of anti-bacterial filter. This filter is helpful to avoid bacteria. It features world-class Himalaya Cool Technology in order to provide ideal temperature to the air conditioner. With 3 star rating and E-Save mode, it comes with efficient power saving.

Voltas 123DYa 3 Star 1 Ton Split AC (Rs. 20990)

Voltas 123DYa 3 Star 1 Ton Split ACIt is yet another high performance model that comes with efficient power saving. It features healthy breathing system which provides ample airflow. Some other features are Timer, Turbo Mode, Auto Restart, Sleep Mode, Remote Control, and Self-Diagnosis. Hence, this model is truly worth buying.

Sansui SSZ53.WSI-MDA 3 Star 1 Ton Split AC (24990)

Sansui SSZ53.WSI-MDA 3 Star 1 Ton Split AC This model is packed with a lot of amazing features like catching filter, active carbon filter, silver Ion filter and others. It is also loaded with modern features like humidification, auto restart, sleep mode, auto cleaning, and others.

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Lloyd 13A3FX 3 Star 1 Ton Split AC (Rs. 23000)

Lloyd 13A3FX 3 Star 1 Ton Split ACWith 3350W of cooling capacity, this air conditioner is enough to keep small room cool inside. It features 3 fan settings with which users can control the airflow as per your convenience. It has got very impressive display and the model is not that heavy as it weighs just 10 kg. It consumes just 1050W of power. The rotary compressor gives best cooling effect.

Onida S123PBL 3 Star 1 Ton Split AC (Rs. 24000)

Onida S123PBL 3 Star 1 Ton Split ACThis model comes with 3516W of cooling capacity with which this air conditioner is very powerful. This air conditioner can cool the room temperature down quickly. It also features dust filter to avoid harmful bacteria at your room. It is loaded with 100% inner grooved coils to ensure durability. It has dehumidification feature to reduce humidity in the environment.

Hitachi RAU312HVDOB 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Rs. 28990)

Hitachi RAU312HVDOB 1 Ton 3 Star Split ACThe heat becomes unbearable during summers every day. India is known to have boiling temperature during summers. Nothing can save you in peak summers without AC in the room. People may be searching for powerful yet affordable AC units for home. This way, Japanese brand Hitachi has earned a great reputation with this model. It is loaded with a lot of cooling features to make your life as comfortable as possible.

LG LSA5NP3A1 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Rs. 27990)

LG LSA5NP3A1 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split ACWe all welcome our guests in living room as it is the best suited area in your home. So, a 1 Ton AC may not be sufficient for proper cooling. This way, you have to install 1.5 Ton AC to meet your needs without any extra load on your power bills. There is no technology that can make 1.5 Ton AC consume similar or less energy than 1 Ton counterpart. This way, LG LSA5NP3A1 1.5 Ton AC is a nice option.

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Voltas 183 CY 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Rs. 27490)

Voltas 183 CY 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split ACIf you are unable to look up all the popular offerings in air conditioner market, your research might be worthless. Voltas is a leading brand everyone is looking for. This 3 Star Split AC comes at around Rs. 27490. It is another energy saving cooling machine in 1.5 Ton category. It comes with EER rotary compressor to cool any room in your home. It has 4900W of cooling capacity to make you feel cool on hottest day.

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