Garden Plants That Are Harmful For Your Pets

It is essential for every pet owner to understand that not all plants are good for them. Certain plants can cause extreme illness and could also result in death of your pets. Here are a few plants that are harmful for pets.

Amaryllis – This plant is also known as the ‘Naked Lady’ has a toxic bulb and sap.

Anemone – All the parts of this plant are harmful when fresh.

Azelea – This plant contains andromedotoxins it its leaves and nectar.

Bigleaf Hydrangea – While this plant is beneficial to humans all the parts of this plant are harmful to pets.

Castorbean – The seeds of this plant are highly toxic.

Chalice Vine – The leaves and flowers of this plant contain hallucigenic properties.

Cherry Tree – Everything except the cherries in this plant are toxic and the pit inside the cherry contain cyanide.

Chrysanthemum – The leaves and stalks are safe for humans but can ve toxic for animals.

Cyclamen – The roots of this plant are very toxic.

Daffodil – The bulb of this plant is very toxic, so are the other parts.

Dreadly Nightshade – The foliage and berries are very toxic.

Deathcamas – A poisonous plant that was also used in arrows.

Dumb Cane – This plant was also used to poison arrows.

Elephant Aar – This plant has toxic leaves and stem.

English Ivy – This plant has toxic berries and leaves.

Foxlove – This plant has highly toxic leaves and seeds.

Golden Cain – All the parts of this plant are toxic.

Heartleaf Philodendron – All the parts of this plant are toxic.

Holly – The berries are toxic.

Hyacinth – The bulbs of this plant are toxic.

Lantana – The immature berries are toxic.

Lilies – The bulb and stem of this plant is toxic.

Mistletoe – The berries in this plant are highly toxic.

Morning Glory – The seeds of this plant are highly toxic.

Pothos – The leaves of this plant are toxic.

Red Maple – This plant is highly toxic to horses.

Rhubarb – The leaf blades are highly toxic.

Sweet peas – The seeds and the fruit of this plant are toxic.

Wisteria – The seeds and pods of this plant is toxic.

Yew – The needles, seeds and berries are toxic.



Click on the image below to see “30 Garden Plants That Are Harmful For Your Pets” infographic.


If you own a pet, make sure you get rid of any of the plants listed above. Most of the plants mentioned above are also toxic and harmful to humans.

It’s always preferred to keep your pets away from plants when you use pesticides.

Always store your fertilizers away from the reach of your pets. Keep your garden free from snails; snails contain methaldehyde which causes poisoning in dogs and cats.

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