Top 10 Best Whisky Brands in India 2016

Whisky is one of the most popular drinks in all over the world. India is not very different from the rest of the world. According to the figures, India is third highest consumer of the Whisky and that shows the popularity of it in the country. There are different whisky brands available in India and known for different taste, flavors and other things. There is different reason for tasting different whisky and everyone has different reasons to choose the favorite whisky. However, every whisky cannot be termed as best whisky brand in 2016. Here are the top 10 best whisky brands in India in 2016.

10. Director’s Special

Director’s SpecialThis is highly popular for the class and quality. The United Spirits Limited whisky is considered as one of the best whiskies in the world. The brand was originally launched in 1988. This is found everywhere in India and considered as the best among the others.

Originally manufactured by Shaw Wallace, Director’s Special is now acquired by United Spirits Limited, a well-known group stepped into the liquor market in 1988. It is a subsidiary group of Vijay Mallya. Molasses are fermented to manufacture this special black whisky. It is the best whiskey in the world for its class and quality.

The United Spirits Limited is known for producing the best whisky in the world. It is found everywhere in the country and it is the best among others. It is one of the top whisky brands in India. On April 2008, Shaw Wallace merged with United Spirits Limited.

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9. 8 PM

8 PMThe Indian brand was originally launched in 1999. This is one of the most popular whisky brands in India and is known for the high acceptance among the consumers. The 8 PM brand is mostly popular in the non-metro cities and rural areas of India. This is a brand known for affordable yet high in quality whisky.

It features next to top 10 single malt whisky brands in India. This brand is founded by Radico Khaitan which was also known as Rampur Distillery and Chemical Company Limited.

It is one of the best-selling whisky brands rolled out across the country. It is 100% grain-based beverage which is available in 375ml, 750ml and 180ml bottles. The Indian whisky brand had seen decline in 2012. However, the sales volume took hit last year. It suffered loss of around 800,000 cases over three years with around 4.65% of decline. In the first 12 months, 8PM created history with over one million cases sold in 1999.

As of 2015, it has sold over 4.10 million cases. Also known as Rampur Distillery & Chemical Company Ltd, Radio Khaitan Ltd is an Indian brand founded by Bharat Kataria. It manufactures Indian Made Foreign Liquor, industrial alcohol, fertilizers and country liquor. The brands are sold in over 60 countries.

8. Haywards Fine

Haywards FineThe United Spirits Limited gaining high profit and popularity with this brand in India. The brand is very popular and mostly sold in Middle East and in the African region. However, the gaining market and acceptance by the consumers have raised high hope for this Whisky Brand.

Hayward’s Fine is yet another whisky brand which is owned by United Spirits Limited. It is a subsidiary of United Breweries Group and is among the fastest growing brands in cheapest whiskey category. It has registered a significant 15% of sales growth in the year 2012.

This brand sold around 7.1 million cases in the year 2012. It enjoys great popularity in African and Middle East markets. This brand is owned by United Breweries that has earned great presence in the market. It is a budget-friendly brand which is gaining huge popularity not just in India, but also in foreign countries.

7. Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue

Best Whisky Brand in India: Imperial Blue

This is another whisky from Pernod Richard, a French Company known for quality whiskies. The whisky is not only popular in India but one of the most sold as well. The brand was launched by Seagram. The brand has huge marketing advantage and promotes the brand with famous ads with “Men will be men”.

It is a reputed brand of Seagram. It is currently owned by the French company, Pernod Richard. The brand was launched by Seagram in 1997. It is made by blending imported Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits. It is the best single malt whisky brand in India.

Pernod Ricard had initially made an entry to the Indian market by owning 74% of stake in United Agencies Ltd. It has a bottling plant in Kolhapur Maharashtra. UAL was merged with Indian business of Seagram and it continued its operation under Seagram Manufacturing Ltd. In 2002, Imperial Blue was relaunched to target males aged 25 to 35 years.

6. Old Tavern

Old TavernThis is one of the most famous and popular brands in India. The whisky brand is more popular in the rural areas of India. However, that does not mean that it is a non-urban brand. The brand is also very famous in the African Countries. This is known as one of the most affordable brands of whiskey in India.

It has sold over 11.6 million bottles and achieved 5% of growth in 2012. It is one of the popular and most famous brands in India. This whisky brand enjoys great popularity in rural areas of the country. It is the best choice for budget-friendly parties.

It is a great value for money brand with huge fan following in African markets. It is a perfect blend of flavorings and extra neutral alcohol. It has rich taste and smooth finish to make you feel proud. It is exported worldwide as one of the top 10 best-selling whisky brands in India.

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5. Original Choice

Original ChoiceThis is a Goa based whisky that is not only popular and famous in India but in the entire world. This is a unique brand and is known for its taste and flavor. This is considered one of the twenty whisky brands that are mostly sold in the world. This is equally famous in India. The Whisky belongs to John Distilleries.

It is the top blended whisky brand which is manufactured by John Distilleries in Goa. The Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) of India has granted permission to John Distilleries in 2013 for using trade name after the case won against Allied Blenders Distillers.

The name was allegedly seemed to be similar to its product in Officer’s Choice range. Original Choice is a well known whiskey in Indian market and it has sold up to 10.9 million cases in the year 2012. This Goa-based brand is popular not only in India, but also in other parts of the world. This unique brand is known for its flavor and taste.

4. Bagpiper

BagpiperBagpiper is one of the most significant whisky brands in India. The Bagpiper brand is available since 1976 and has won many awards for consistent quality and performance. This is very interestingly marketed in the country and was the first brand to introduce whisky in Tetra Packs.

Bagpiper is a well-known brand from United Spirits Ltd. This brand was introduced in the year 1976. This whisky brand was crowned with Reader’s Digest Gold award as the “Most Trusted Brand” in 2006 and it has been covered in the list of “Top 100 brands” in Impact International.

The brand is known to use tamper-proof bottles. It is a brand which offers whisky in Tetra Pak. In 2010, it was 7th best-selling whisky brands, according to International Wine & Spirit Research, London. It sold around 16.92 million cases. In 2009, it was ranked as ninth largest brand.

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3. Royal Stag

Royal StagThis is a very popular whisky in India and was launched in 1995. This is originally a brand from the French company, Pernod Richard. It was however launched by Seagram. The interesting combination of the imported malt spirits and the neutral spirits of India make it unique and are highly consumed in the Indian market.

Seagram’s Royal Stag is a well-known brand owned by Pernod Ricard India. This is best-selling Indian whisky brand of Pernod Ricard. It is a perfect blend of imported Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits. It is available in 180ml, 375ml, 750ml and 1L bottles. It also comes in 60ml and 90ml bottles.

Launched in 1995, Royal Stag is claimed to have “No Artificial Flavors”. This is a grain-based blend which has imported Scotch malts. In 2001, Diageo and Pernod Ricard jointly procured the business of Seagram. However, these companies parted ways and Indian operations of Seagram were held by Pernod Ricard.

2. Officers Choice

Officers ChoiceIt is famous as “OS” and is the second most popular and sold Whisky brand in India. This has the unique taste and equally fascinating spirits. The whisky is made up of Indian Spirits and Malt Spirits. It is owned by Kishore Chabaria and is one of the most famous among the top 10 best brands of whiskey in India in 2016.

The whisky is made with the blend of handpicked Indian neutral spirits and Indian malt spirits. Around 18.1 million cases had been sold in 2012, with over 10% of rise in sales. It is known to be among the top 10 whisky brands in India.

Previously, Officer’s Choice targeted those whose livelihood was based on daily wages. In order to extend its reach, the company launched the premium versions like Officer’s Choice Black and Officer’s Choice Blue. The black version is prepared with rare scotch malts aged in overcooked oak barrels, and Indian grain spirits.

1. McDowell’s No 1

McDowell’s No 1This is one of the most popular and sold whisky brands in India. This is one of the best whisky brands that are immensely popular. The Whisky was first available in 1968 and is a part of United Spirits Limited. It has the various variants available as Platinum, Diet Mate and Reserve. This has huge demand in the market.

Manufactured by United Spirits Limited, McDowell’s No. 1 is a top Indian whisky brand which is a subsidiary of DIAGEO Group. It is a flagship brand of USL and the topmost umbrella alcohol brand worldwide. It provides spirits in three categories – brandy, Celebration Rum, and whisky. It also has soda and mineral water.

In 2012, the brand had sold around 19.5 million cases and seen the significant growth in sale by 21%. It has got the gold medal from Reader’s Digest in 2006. On occasions like Holi, Diwali, New Year etc, it launches special packs. It sponsors various music concerts in the country.

The whisky brands have penetrated the market with quality, class, taste and flavor. However, in the time competition, the top 10 brands for whisky in India in 2016 are trying hard to maintain everything to ensure high market acceptance.

List of Best Whisky Brands in India

RankWhisky Brands
10Director’s Special
98 PM
8Haywards Fine
7Imperial Blue
6Old Tavern
5Original Choice
3Royal Stag
2Officers Choice
1McDowell’s No 1
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    Highfield Whisky is a whisky brand which is produced by M/s Highfield Distillers and Bottlers Pvt. Ltd. This organization was set up in the year 2014 with an aim of producing the finest, the richest and the rarest of vatted malts and scotch.

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