Top 10 Best Wine Brands in India 2016

Wine is one of the most favourite tastes in India and it is known for distinct flavour. India is country where wine is consumed at a massive rate. It is not surprising to understand that there are many brands available in the market with distinct specialities. However, all of them cannot be termed as the best. Here are the top 10 best wine brands in India 2016.

10. Dindori Reserve Shiraz

Dindori Reserve ShirazThis is one of the best wine brands available in Indian market. The wine is one of the best products from Sula Vineyards. The taste of the wine is very distinct and combination of lamb and hard cheese. The price of the wine is also quite affordable. It is available for Rs 850 for 750 ml.

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9. Seagram’s Nine Hills

Seagram’a Nine HillsThis is one of the best wines in the Indian market. The Nine Hills is one of the wines that have fruity flavours. The Nine Hills has special flavours strawberry and Cherry. It feels great with dry food and spicy food as well. It is quite fairly priced at Rs 575 per 750 ml.

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